Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy

Hon'ble Shri Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy

  • 1980
  • Chief Guest
(May 18, 1913 - June 1, 1996).Sixth President of India. A veteran statesman and administrator. Born in a peasant family at Illuri village in the Anantapur District (Andhra Pradesh). Early education at the Theosophical High School at Adyar in Madras; later joined the Arts College at Anantapur. In 1931, gave up his studies to take part in the freedom movement. Had been a Member of the Madras Legislaltive Assembly, Indian Constitutent Assembly, Rajya Sabha, .... Read More
Gandhi Niketan Ashram

Shri Gandhi Niketan Ashram

  • 1980
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Constructive Work
Founded in 1940 at Kallupatti in Madurai District. Functioned as a centre of political activities side by side with constructive work till Independence. Thereafter entirely devoted to Gandhiji’s constructive work. Established Khadi Gramodyog Mahavidyalaya and Khadi Gramodyog Vidyalaya, The Basic School, College of Gandhian Thought.The award was received by Shri K. Muniandi (Secy., Gandhi Niketan Ashram)Gandhi Niketan Ashram,Kallupatti,Peraiyur Post,Madurai Dist,(Tamil Nadu) - 625702.Tel: 0 .... Read More
Anil Sadgopal

Dr. Anil Sadgopal

  • 1980
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Application of Science and Technology for Rural Development
Gave up a promising career as a theoretical scientist in TIFR. Established Kishore Bharati for devising and implementing a system of education in science for school children suited to rural conditions. ‘Discovery approach’ and ‘activity-based learning’ are the corner stones of the system.Kishore Bharati,Bankheri,Dist. Hoshangabad,(M. P.) - 461 990.Grams: KISHORBHARATI, BANKHERIEmail: Read More
Jayashri Raiji

Smt. Jayashri Raiji

  • 1980
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Development & Welfare of Women And Children
Born on 26th October 1895 in Surat. A founder member of the Bhagini Samaj , Bombay. Developed the Adivasi Welfare Centre, Udvada in Valsad District, Gujarat. With the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi. Started the Rashtriya Stree Mandal. Was Chairman, Maharashtra State Women's Council, United women's Organisation and a Member of Parliament.‘Arvind' Darabsha Road, Mumbai, ( Maharashtra) - 400 036.Tel: 2821544 Read More
Kamalabai Hospet

Smt. Kamalabai Hospet

  • 1980
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Development & Welfare of Women And Children
Born in 1896. Founded the Sitabuldi Maternity Home in 1921 which was reconstituted as Matru Seva Sangh to widen the scope of its activities and services. Started Nandanwan (a day school for mentally retarded children), a school of Social Work for Women and Panchavati Ashram (a home for the aged).Matru Seva Sangh,North Ambazari Road,Nagpur, (Maharashtra) - 440 010.Tel: 22287 / 22393 Read More