Manmohan Singh

Dr. Manmohan Singh

  • 2001
  • Chief Guest
(September 26, 1932)Born in Punjab. M.A., (Economics), D.Phil (Oxford), Economic Tripos (1st class honours from University of Cambridge), Educated at Universities of Punjab, Cambridge and Oxford.An economist turned politician of great stature. Accredited for being the key architect of Indian economic revival, who played important roles as Reserve Bank Governor, Finance Minister and the Prime Minister for India.Some of the key posi .... Read More
Sisir Sanyal

Shri Sisir Sanyal

  • 2001
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Constructive Work
Born on 10th March, 1925. B.Sc., B.E. (Aeronautics), B.A. Joined the Indian Air Force as a Commissioned Officer but soon thereafter, resigned to join the Bhoodan Movement. Finally, settled at Bankura in 1961. Took charge of the Gandhi Vichar Parishad as a Tattwapracharak under Gandhi Smarak Nidhi. Community Assets were built as a result of the initiative of the villagers in scientific agriculture and development of skills. These assets were administered by Lok Samitie .... Read More
Anil Kumar Rajvanshi

Dr. Anil Kumar Rajvanshi

  • 2001
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Application of Science and Technology for Rural Development
Born on 1st September, 1950.M. Tech., Ph. D. (Mech. Engg.)Gave up a lucrative career in the United State of America. Returned to India in 1981 and joined the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute with a view to propagating sustainable rural development through the use of modern science and technology, tempered by ancient Indian philosophical thought.Has shown that it is possible to set up a good R & D facility in rural areas and, through the internet, export and inform the public about the .... Read More
Rehmat Sultan Fazelbhoy

Smt. Rehmat Sultan Fazelbhoy

  • 2001
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Development & Welfare of Women And Children
B.A. (Hons), B. Ed., Diploma,College of Teachers of the Blind, UK Rejected by a prospective employer in UK because of her visual handicap (she has only 15% of normal vision due to albinism). Resolved to teach blind children for which she obtained a Teacher Training Diploma through the Royal National Institute for the Blind in London. Was the first lady student from India to do so. Conducted a very successful experiment in "Integrated Education" i.e. teac .... Read More
Satish Kumar

Dr. Satish Kumar

  • 2001
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Promoting Gandhian Values Outside India
Born on 9th March, 1936.Doctor of Education (UK); Hon. D.Litt (Lancaster)Was so much inspired by the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi that he gave up his Jain monk life and went to live in a Gandhi Ashram in Bodh Gaya established by Vinoba Bhave. He became a living example of both spirituality and social work.Set off on foot from the Gandhi Samadhi in Rajghat, New Delhi to walk to Moscow, Paris, London and Washington - the four nuclear capitals - to protest against the bomb and to campaign for di .... Read More