Baba Ramdev

  • 2009 Chief Guest

This dignified function today is a celebration of the service to humanity, to our country. It is a tribute to the spirit of service and sacrifice, to the message of Gandhiji and legacy of Jamnalalji.

Our culture is over 5000 years old. We have a long tradition in the fields of medical sciences, agriculture, education, jurisprudence to name a few.

Gandhiji had devoted his whole life for the freedom of our country. But what we have today is not the country of Gandhiji's dream; this is the country of the dream of the British.

Even after such decline in values and prevalence of rampant corruption, we are a country with nuclear power, talent and wealth. The whole world is looking at us.

Being a responsible citizen of India, I first tried to cleanse the insides of people through Yoga. Now, I am taking an initiative of cleansing the external ailments of the society like corruption. The dawn is bound to come , howsoever intense the darkness be. Likewise, we will scale greater heights through our own efforts. Our country will become a super power in five years.

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